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Rip Hamilton Owes Our Serviceman (and Women) an Apology

May 29, 2009

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Allow me to start by saying that I love the troops. Good. Now, let me say after looking at sample questions for the ASVAB, that I do think that we can entirely blame members of our military for the choices they make. This is not about a post about abuse of prisoner’s or what to do with Guantanamo Bay. This is the first and most overdue post on what’s making our servicemen and woman kill themselves. Rip Hamilton’s energy drink.

The slogan for Rip It, Hamilton’s name-based energy drink is “the new face of energy” but it should be changed to “the new face of the enemy.”

The Washington Post actually singled out Hamilton’s “Rip It” energy drink a few days ago, approximately two months after I gave my personal taste test while in Detroit for the Final Four.

The Washington Post actually decided that there were more important things than taste. Such as, how the energy drink’s dangerously high levels of caffeene are mixing with anti-depressants that the Army is proscribing and resulting in more suicides this year than in the past. Apparently, the former UConn star’s drink is a bit more popular than the rest. Take this quote from the article for example.

The drug “when added to caffeine, could cause sleep disorders, and a lack of sleep could lead to impulsive actions,” the Iraq commander noted.

“There are a lot of those high-energy drinks being used over there,” said Chiarelli, who spent two years in Iraq. “What is that stuff that people drink in Iraq?”“Rip It,” came the chorus around the room, referring to the energy drink that has 100 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce can (25 percent more than a can of Red Bull and roughly three times as much as an equivalent amount of Diet Coke).


So, let me be the first to say this. Mr. Hamilton, please stop killing our troops. Go Huskies!

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