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Peace Through Twitter! #nysenate

July 7, 2009

It seems like Everyone is obsessed with Twitter these days. It started somewhere around the campaign last year and just caught steam like crazy. Actually a really great timeline of its development and explosion can be found here.  Suffice to say it really took off when Oprah got one.

Except instead of a car, everyone got a twitter.

And people started using it, alot.

It was a wonderful tool to share what you were doing with your friends, but beyond that, you could plug your ideas, share articles, and even break news. Some people even used it as a 911 service.

But one of the most amazing things it did was keep everyone updated on what was going on in Iran during the recent protests following disputed elections. If people didn’t know about Twitter already they did at this point. It brought up some pretty grandiose talk. It even had Mark Pfeifle, a former Deputy National Security Advisor to George W. Bush, say this:

“If there’s anybody that should possibly get a Nobel Peace Prize in the next time around, it should be the founders of Twitter who delayed the tuning up of their system in order for an amazing amount of tweets to be sent out in the last week or so.”

Pretty amazing stuff right? For a service more known for this:

Thats probably the way most people use it. But that fact is it has its uses.

One of the amazing ones is that it apparently brings groups that have been fueding for years.

One Twitter user @eunmac tweeted that Coke and Pepsi should make nice, and they did!

Not only that, but even Linux and Microsoft gave each other a hello on the service!

Twitter is serving as somewhat of a platform of peace it seems, so why should it be any different for the NY senate? Why don’t @malcomasmith and @SenEspada do the same thing?

It certainly couldn’t hurt, considering talks seem to continue to ” make progress”. Which they’ve been doing since talks started a few weeks ago. Exchange some peace tweets as a show of good faith.

So tweet your senators! Get the twittolution started. Don’t have a V8, break the stalemate! Peace through twitter!

Meanwhile, me and @SenMartyGolden are going to teach seniors how to use the internet. And rock out to “Anonymous”.

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  1. Neil permalink
    July 9, 2009 9:55 am

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