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CONFIRMED: Sonic Is Coming to Connecticut

July 31, 2009

This blog can confirm speculation that Sonic is planning on opening its first restaurant in Connecticut at some point during the next two years. Wallingford will most likely have the honor of being the host city as evidence has indicated in the last few days. While news organizations like the Hartford Courant were stealing news stories from their advertising department, we went out and did some real journalism. Not to shit on the Courant, I mean they try real hard sometimes. I’m sure it’s hard “reporting” on state politics and stocks and whatever else they still cover. But, this is the real world. People want to know how long until they no longer have to drive two hours to Kingston, New York. Yes, that’s the closest Sonic to Wallingford. If you didn’t know that you will probably appreciate this post a lot less.

Ok, so maybe you haven’t heard of Sonic. I would blame you if there was one in Connecticut. So, as of right now you are off the hook. However, you really should know something about Sonic because they have been playing God awful commercials in Connecticut for the last couple of years. That doesn’t ring a bell? Well, here’s a sexually charged one where the uptight wife has cream covering her top lip. I mean…c’mon.

There are more of them and they are all bad. Not creepy bad. But still. It’s almost like the Sonic CEO threw a twenty at an intern and shouted, “I need a commercial, but don’t make it at all appealing or you’re fired asshole.” Twenty dollars and a few hours later and Sonic had its new ad campaign. And yet somehow, like the little engine based in Oklahoma that could, Sonic makes millions of people happy with its meat.

I still remember my first experience eating Sonic’s food. I was in Detroit for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four and there was one less than 15 miles away from my hotel room. I went with a friend who was also visiting Sonic for the first time. And while my experience was probably not unique, it was life changing. The drive-in is unique in that when you order, a teenager is dispatched to your car. And yes, he (or she) is on roller-skates. I would feel bad if I wasn’t so preoccupied with the possibility of him landing on his back and my food spilling, painting him a lovely shade of grease. I left a larger tip than the situation required. It helps the guilt. Sonic makes the most refreshing beverages called Slushes (not to be confused with “slushies”) and burgers that seem to say, “Hey McDonald’s, go fuck yourself.” It truly is a meal made for kings. I went back again for seconds later that weekend.

If I wasn't covered in deliciousness, I would kill myself.

If I wasn't covered in deliciousness, I would kill myself.

Now that you are hungry, let’s talk dirt. Sweet and tangy journalistic dirt. I got a tip from a friend who pointed me to a blog which was reporting the possibility of a Sonic coming to Wallingford. The blog used a classified ad that was going to be published with the Hartford Courant on August 2, 2009 that was found by a girl on Twitter. However, that is far from good journalistic proof (I’m looking at you, Hartford Courant). So, I sent an email to a representative at Sonic who then asked a senior Vice President and then sent me confirmation. The email looks like this.

"Hey, Hartford Courant. Eat your heart out."

"Hey, Hartford Courant. Eat your heart out."

The next natural question is where will the new Sonic in Wallingford go. The blog I was first pointed to mentioned the site of the Yankee Silversmith Inn before it burst into flames and then flooded itself of course. It also mentioned the site of the now-moved Brooks Pharmacy. Well, I got to be honest, I could see that. Both sites are on Route 5, so they have great access to traffic. And since Sonic isn’t spilling all of the beans, I think I am entitled to some level of speculation.

So, now PLS has established itself as the first news source to break news on Sonic coming to Wallingford. Where do we go from here? Well, honestly I don’t have a clue. But, heaven is only two hours away for now.

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  2. JennaD permalink
    November 15, 2009 1:11 pm

    I used to live in Florida during my high school years and worked at Sonic. It was the place to be for all teenagers. Skating to the cars was the best job for an active fun loving teenager. I can not wait for them to come to Connecticut. My only concern is what the heck are they going to do during snow storms? Skating would be out, do they then walk out the orders?

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