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Hatin’ on Awards Shows

September 25, 2009

badawardI don’t need any topical reason to hate major awards shows; I’ve been doing it for a while now. Given this disposition of mine, the last two weeks have been like Christmas come early in terms of confirming my dislike. I guess that’s not really what Christmas is about. I’m tired.

Anyway, I say I hate award shows, but usually I don’t hate the shows themselves. Usually I just hate the absurd, unfair ways the winners and nominees are chosen; the shows can be fun to watch. As far as MTV awards shows go, though, I pretty much hate the whole package. Keep Spinning…


Leak Review: Flight of the Conchords’ I TOLD YOU I WAS FREAKY

September 15, 2009

flight-conchords-i_told-you-_i_was_freakyYou know you’ve really made it when people care about your work enough to steal it on the internet. Two weeks ago I wrote a post on Jay-Z’s new album, but I didn’t provide a full-fledged review because I was writing only days after the record had leaked and didn’t feel like I had enough time to fairly judge it as a whole. Now here I am with a full-fledged review of New Zealand acoustic digi-folk parody duo Flight of the Conchords’ second album, I Told You I Was Freaky, which leaked less than two weeks ago. Am I just a massive hypocrite? Click the jump to find out! Keep Spinning…

Google + Hasbro = Fail

September 10, 2009

I wake up every day with a profound sense of disappointment. The degree of that disappointment is different every day. Most of the time it’s only minimal, like soft music you can only hear when the door of your room is closed and your eyes are shut. However, some days I am faced with a such a grotesque level of disappointment that it deserves a blog post. This is one of those days. Let me begin by saying, that Google Maps are best thing that I have ever used for directions (double true) since I am still too poor to buy a GPS system. So, when Hasbro announced it would build a terrifyingly life-like version of its game, Monopoly, I became overjoyed and full of unrealistic expectations. Expectations such as that the servers wouldn’t crash and that I would be able to play it. Sure, maybe Hasbro is foolish. They think a generation of people who can’t even stick with Twitter for a couple weeks will pour hours of their time into an online version of a game that is notorious for never being completed because it either gets too boring or too depressing to finish. Regardless, I was willing to give it a chance and so I was happy to wait a few days for its release. If I had known that Hasbro was planning to use a 128MB thumb drive as its server during an online event that could easily be the second largest of the year after Michael Jackson went on his 3 month death tour, I would have just slept in. Keep spinning…

3 Irresponsibly Early Comments on THE BLUEPRINT 3

September 4, 2009

jay-z-the-blueprint-3-album-cover-540x540Some people might say that it’s too early to insightfully review Jay-Z’s new album The Blueprint 3, seeing as it was leaked to the internet four days ago and won’t hit stores until next Friday. Those people are probably right, but then again, I reviewed Eminem’s Relapse a few days after it leaked. Hell, I even reviewed Dr. Dre’s Detox, and that record doesn’t exist yet. After all, what good is the internet if it can’t provide us with premature, inappropriately vehement opinions? (Be sure to leave yours in the comments section!)

Keep Spinning…

Get Fat and Promote Gay Rights at the Same Time

September 2, 2009

Hubby Hubby will temporarily replace the longtime Chubby Hubby flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to commemorate the passage of gay marriage in Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s Ice is not exactly the last ice cream place one might expect to produce a gay-friendly ice cream. I mean all of the signs use bright colors and let’s face it, the creators are two men who live and work together in Vermont. I’m just saying. I don’t have anything against gays. I love gays. Not in a gay way. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love gays. Wait, now I am just repeating myself. Here’s the reason I am writing about this landmark move by the famous ice cream maker: it should have been taken further. How? Well, I will show you. Keep spinning…

What to Watch After THE WIRE? Try THE CORNER

August 31, 2009

The_Corner“When you get that first shot of dope,” says diseased drug addict Fat Curt in one of The Corner‘s mock-interview scenes, “it’s the best motherfucking feeling in your life. It’s better than sex. And every time after that, you looking for the first time. Over and over again.”

If art is also a drug, then HBO’s acclaimed crime series The Wire is, for many viewers, a first shot of truly great television storytelling. (I know those of you who haven’t watched the show may be sick of hearing how good it is, but seriously, it’s amazing.) After the credits roll on the series finale, many viewers are left wondering where to go next. Are there any shows out there that can match The Wire‘s authenticity, boldness and overall excellence? Keep Spinning…

Academy Awards Just Got Decided in August

August 28, 2009

Nobody is actually saying what needs to be said about Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. This film is the best movie of 2009. It’s not because of the intense scenes of violence scattered conservatively through the lengthy film. It’s not the extraordinary dialogue or the mastery of suspense that Tarantino consistently demonstrates. Instead, this film is the best of the year because of the bravery it took to make. In a world full of soulless action movies and deperate romantic comedies, Tarantino rises to the surface like a carbonated prophet in a beer of mediocrity. The general landscape of films is coarsely separated into two groups of films: those meant to entertain with dazzling displays of pyrotechnics and those designed to win an Academy Award. Tarantino is too smart and too talented to spend half of his budget in the way Michael Bay spends all of his. He is too cool and too independent to care what the Academy thinks of his films, although they have thought highly of them. In his latest film, Tarantino takes a story anyone in Hollywood could have made but does it in a way only he can. The final product is a film that challenges the way we think and doesn’t apologize for it. Spoilers are ahead so be aware of that before you continue. Keep spinning…