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Samuel is best known for his sports blog, which blends a perspective on the UConn men’s basketball team with no indication of arrogance whatsoever. This blog has been suspended indefinitely. When not clogging the internet with profanity and instant messages to girls he found on dating websites, he helps his family raise chickens. Samuel recently finished a job working with MTV in which he famously declared, “Fuck this shit.” He hopes to continue writing about ground-breaking news after the internet has already produced some great ideas that he can use as his own. You can find Samuel at his home, but you are not coming in.

Matt spends most of his time bitterly reminiscing over his past glories as a spelling bee champion.  He also runs the blog Super Tuesdays and produces various projects, including short films, music, and gourmet cheese.  He is not a BMX biker. He work has been published by The New York Times and

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  1. July 2, 2009 2:36 pm

    **Edited For Clarity And Content by Samuel:

    (Y)ou two (gentlemen) look like (homosexuals) (when you make fun of) my (friend) (Mandeldove) for no reason. (W)hy don’t you get a real job(?) (Y)ou will not get any ladies by (making fun of) other (girlfriend’s of athletes) or maybe you(‘re) mad that you(‘re) girl fucked an athlete. (W)ho knows, but who cares about you(?) (M)y (friend) (Mandeldove) is going places and you(‘re) not, and if (I) see (you) on the (sidewalk) (I’m) going to (slap you across the face as if I were a pimp).


  1. An Open Letter to Jonathan Mandeldove « Pegleg Spinners

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